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Deped Early Registration 3 x 6 (4)


What are the hiring guidelines for Senior High School (SHS) teaching positions?

Visit http://www.deped.gov.ph/orders/do-3-s-2016 to know more about D.O. 3, s 2016.

September 5 to October 5 is National Teachers’ Month!
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National Deworming Day

Save the date! DOH urges all parents to make sure their children from Kinder to Grade Six to be present at school on July 29, 2015 for the National School Deworming Day in all public elementary schools.

According to Administrative Order (AO) 2015-0030, deworming is defined as the “administration of albendazole (or mebendazole) without prior diagnosis of current infection, to control and treat intestinal helminth infections such as hookworm, Ascaris and Trichuris.”

Let’s work together for your child’s health!

National School Deworming Day

Schedule of Classes


Computation of Summative Assessment for Grades 1 to 12

In a grading period, there is only one Quarterly Assessment but several instances that a learner should produce Written Work and demonstrate what they’ve learned through various Performance Tasks.

Read more about the Classroom Assessment at deped.gov.ph/orders/do-8-s-2015 ‪#‎GoKto12‬


“Education is what people do to you, learning is what you do to yourself.” – Joi Ito


“Every child deserves a champion: an adult who insists that they can be the best.” – Rita Pierson


Summative Assessment is used to measure the different ways learners use and apply knowledge, understanding, and skills. There are three components for this kind assessment: written work, performance tasks, and quarterly assessment.

Read more about the Classroom Assessment at deped.gov.ph/orders/do-8-s-2015 ‪#‎GoKto12‬


Formative assessment may be integrated in all parts of the lesson: before the lesson, during the lesson, and after the lesson.

Read more about the Classroom Assessment at deped.gov.ph/orders/do-8-s-2015 ‪#‎GoKto12‬